Who we are

Diginatiivit is a non-profit organization based in Kuopio, Northern Savonia of Finland. We are a registered assosiaciation revolving around digitalization and digital hobbies. Our operations began in 2013.

What we do

We produce a diverse set of local activities, ranging from gaming to programming and developement. In the future, we hope to have long-term activities, such as a gaming house where like-minded people could hang out together. Our main yearly event is the LAN party known as Gyostage. In addition, we help out other organizations with digital or local activities. We do digital consulting and rent out equipment such as walkie-talkies and ticket sales systems.

Our goals & beliefs

Modern activities - We stay up to date with what's hot and provide interesting activities to the local youth.

Equality - We hope to contribute to an equal society, where everyone has a chance to take part in what interests them.

Upbringing - We believe in the importance of proper upbringing and education in regards to well-being. We design our activities to reflect this.

Community - Stronger together. The human mind has an innate sense of bonding to others. People with similar interests flock together regardless of age and sex.

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